Managing Remote Employees

Managing Remote Employees


Telecommuting is becoming more and more desirable. With savings from recouped physical space and transportation costs, telecommuting seems to be a win-win scenario. However, many believe that managing remote employees is difficult. Time spent on work projects is hard to monitor. Collaboration is believed to suffer. This seminar will navigate the concept of telecommuting from looking at how it manifests itself, to who benefits, to how one can successfully manage a telecommuting workforce.


Professional Development

Learning Objective

Participants will learn to understand the concept of telecommuting and will learn how to successfully manage a telecommuting workforce.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is involved in managing remote employees.

Required Knowledge


Advanced Preparation



  • Leadership/Management Strategies
  • Telecommuting Numbers, Growth
  • Telecommuting Benefits, Attractiveness
  • Organization Testimonials
  • Drawbacks
  • 5 Factors to Consider Before Embarking
  • 5 Rules for Managing Telecommuters
  • Managing Remote Employees
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